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Our Vision

There are nearly 4,000 languages worldwide with absolutely no portion of God's Word and many of them reside in the 10/40 window. The Opening the 10/40 Window in the Classroom curriculum was developed for use with elementary aged students. The curriculum is based on Bibleless people groups and consists of thirteen lessons per people group. The areas of study for each people group focuses on the following four categories: geography, culture, language, and religion. Each lesson is designed to help students understand how a Bibleless people group lives, what they believe, what their needs are, and how we can approach them from a Biblical perspective. Each lesson ends with a Biblical application for the students and a time of prayer for their Bibleless people group.

This curriculum creates an opportunity for young people to use their Christian education for the glory of God. The material was developed with a two-fold goal in mind. The first goal is that God would be known and worshipped among the nations. Our second goal is that the students would know the need and would understand that they can have an active part in meeting it. We pray that God would be magnified through this material, and that it would spark interest in the hearts of students to do something about the great need.

Four things you will find

In This Curriculum


We believe in quality throughout our ministry. Whether it's in printing a Bible in another language, translation Biblical study material for a national pastor, or designing a prayer card for an eight year old boy to pray over, quality is important to us.


If you are going to tackle difficult subjects like language trees, rice terraces, animism, and tsunamis, you had better be creative. In this curriculum, we have used creativity as a vehicle to explore other lands, different cultures, multiple religions, and the challenges of language.

Sound Biblical Truth

We are Christians that base our lives on the truth of the precious Word of God. Our view of the world should come from that same perspective. Our desire through each lesson is to strengthen a child's Biblical foundation while helping them understanding their responsibility to the Great Commission.


The purpose of education is application, and the goal of application is opportunity. We hope to provide quality material, that introduces people groups in a creative way, so that students will respond from Biblical worldview, while giving them the opportunity to make a difference.

What could 1 lesson per week for 13 weeks accomplish for the glory of God?

People Groups

of focus