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Milford Christian Academy is a ministry of First Baptist Church of Milford and dedicated to the glory of God. Milford Christian Academy is not an alternative to public education, nor are we simply a private school- we are a Christian school. The primary objective and purpose of Milford Christian Academy is to train Biblical mission – minded servants for all levels of ministry while providing an excellent education. The teachers of Milford Christian Academy realize the solemn responsibility before God in molding the life and character of each of their students in order to give a good foundation for each student’s future.

Our desire is to teach our students to have a Biblical worldview of our communities, country, and world. One of the most important tools in teaching our students to have this Biblical worldview is through our missions curriculum. This curriculum has been developed by our firstBible International ministry and implemented within our elementary school Bible curriculum. This curriculum has taught our students that there is a great need for messengers to take the message, the Word of God, to those who do not have a copy of the Word of God. I highly recommend this curriculum as it has helped our students see the need to get the Word of God to those who do not have a copy of the Bible.

Parental Praise

Maggie and Drew have been looking forward to Language day at school for a while. They have taught me so much about each of their Bible-less people groups throughout this year. They pray all the time for these people groups to get Bibles in their language and for God to send missionaries to them. Maggie even told me today that she asked Jesus if He wants her to be one that goes to these people. She told me, “He hasn’t answered me yet.” God is working in my children’s hearts, and I am so grateful for all the time and effort that has been invested in them through their MCA teachers and the firstBible staff.

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